Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Illustrations for essay by Damon Young published in Meanjin

Damon Young, the erudite and dapper young philosopher from Melbourne, has once again been gracious enough to commission some artwork from me. Here are a few words from the beginning of the essay:

A blond, square-jawed man is splayed on the stone steps of the New York Federal Courthouse. Blood runs from his mouth. The white star on his chest is spattered. He is muscular but limp. Two figures crouch over him: a man in a black leather jacket, sunglasses and a baseball cap, and a woman in a black and white paramilitary uniform. The first swears. The second cradles the downed man’s head, screaming ‘no’ and whispering, ‘Oh God, Steve.’

There is no divine miracle for Steve Rogers. He dies of gunshot wounds, still in handcuffs. Placards are on display nearby: ‘Free Captain America’ and ‘Cap Traitor’. Captain America is arrested by his own government and assassinated outside an iconic house of law.

It is testament to the power of contemporary superhero comics that this scene, in Ed Brubaker’s Captain America no. 25, actually moved me. I was surprised.

Read the rest here:

And here are the pictures I drew'd:

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